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Duglay Zavala

Trust, Honesty and Responsibility

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6 steps to BUY a property

7 steps to SELL a property


US$ 975,000

Pos Chiquito 273 F




US$ 699,000

9919 NW 10th Ter



3295 SqFt

US$ 975,000

Pos Chiquito 223 Q 223 P



5400 SqFt


Verdana Estates/ Willow

From US$ 499,990

Florida, Quail Heights, 33177

Verdana Estates/ Mulberry

From US$ 488,990

Florida, Quail Heights, 33177

Verdana Estates/Fontana

From US$ 480,990

Florida, Quail Heights, 33177

6 steps to BUY a property

7 steps to SELL a property

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The payment method to use for the purchase of a property will depend on the amount of money you have available to invest, as well as your credit reputation. The budget you have will help you choose the area, the type of land and the dimensions of your new property.

About Me

Duglay Zavala

Duglay Zavala


Successful businesswoman, is certified as a Notary Public, Realtor in Miami Florida, and Bachelor of Education from the University of Zulia in Venezuela.

She is known for her excellent customer service, she firmly believes that it is not only her duty to represent her clients as best as she can, but also educate them in every step of the process and assemble them with first-rate information and knowledge of the market, so that Your customers can make the best decisions. As a Real Estate Agent, she provides reassurance to sellers who previously had trouble selling their homes on their own.

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